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TV & sitcom DVDs - Ron James - The Ron James Show CBC Fridays 8 P.M. Begins 09-25-09

The Ron James Show CBC Fridays 8 P.M. Begins 09-25-09
The Ron James Show
Fridays 8 P.M. CBC TV
Begins 09-25-09

It is about time Canadian stand-up comic and language master Ron James got his own show. If you like good sketch comedy, a good and intelligent stand-up bit, and other fun stuff like animated bits, this 10 show series is sure to please. The show will end with Ron James’ annual and can’t miss New Years Eve Special. Fridays at 8 P.M. on the CBC is as sure a thing as a minority Tory government. This review is based on a screener of the Pilot episode

Continuity takes a serious holiday in the first sketch of the Ron James Show. James plays a guy going to a therapist for the first time and different shots show him sitting in very different places on the sofa. The skit itself is quite good. Most sketch comedy bits tend to overstay their welcome but this is not the case here. This is a good sign if they can keep it up. The next bit is a skit filmed in the great outdoors. It too is funny and short.

The second part of the show features a bit of stand-up, and an animated bit featuring “Little Ronnie James”, and decent enough skit performed in front of the studio audience, and a good Marketplace meets underground railroad.reenactment company.

I am very hit and miss about sketch comedy but overall The Ron James Show is a fun half hour.

Go to Ron James’ website for info on free tickets to show tapings.

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