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Comedy Reviews - CD - Bill Engvall - Aged and Confused CD Version

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Aged and Confused
Bill Engvall
Stand-up Comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2009
60 minutes

Win a copy of this CD, rules at the bottom of this review. Blue Collar Comedy veteran Bill Engvall is Aged and Confused. His newest (2009) stand-up comedy CD continues his tradition of clean, family friendly comedy and it will more than please his many, many fans. Aged and Confused may not be Bill Engvall’s best CD however but this is compared to his other stand-up comedy releases so this is extremely relative.

Our interview with Bill Engvall for The Bill Engvall Show

Engvall opens Aged and Confused with a couple of routines based on newspaper stories: a 17 year-old mayor, guys who sell Bigfoot on EBay, a lady who quit smoking, a guy with a very strange method to relieve the stress of flying. These are very funny routines and off the beaten track for this comic; this unusual opening throws your expectations off kilter and may be the only reason why this stand-up comedy CD is not quite as good as Engvall’s past releases.

Our Blue Collar Comedy page

The comedian then goes back to the autobiographical self-deprecating stand-up that has made him a favorite for many. His obvious respect and love for his wife, even if she is the source of some of his best material, is also part of his charm. On this CD Engvall has a nice, long bit about another family vacation that involves turbulence, feeding the sharks, and zipping down through the jungle. This bit is as funny as the Vicodin parasailing bit on Here’s Your Sign.

Bill Engvall is a family friendly comic language wise and topically. He manages to make his bit on waiting for his wife in his birthday suit –never follow advice in a women’s magazine-- clean for anyone but the nuttiest right-wing Born Again.

Aged and Confused opens oddly and closes weak with a colonoscopy routine. Colonoscopy is the latest airplane joke of stand-up comedy and should go back to whence it came from.

If you are already a Blue Collar Comedy Bill Engvall fan, Aged and Confused will please. It is not, however, the CD I would choose as an introduction to this particular comic.

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