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Foreign Comedy - England - British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD 2

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British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD 2
Those People Next Door
No Smoking
Not So Dusty
VCI Entertainment 2009

British Cinema Comedy Collection is a 2 DVD set of low budget black and white flicks from the mid-fities. If you like British comedy this is a good bang for your dollar even if there are no classics of the genre here. The first disc of this collection includes The Goons in Down Among The Z Men and a couple of others. DVD 2 includes an amusing little flick, No Smoking, and two others.

Directed by Henry Cass, No Smoking stars Reg Dixon, Peter Martyn, and Ruth Trouncer.  Dixon plays Reg Bates, a village chemist and inventor who has come up with quite a few home remedies his most popular being a no smoking pill. Martyn plays an American ad man –with an on again off again British accent—who sees the potential in this miracle cure. Bates buys the adman’s idea of marketing his invention because he has his eye on a local girl who is also being courted by another gent who happens to be the tobacconist. No Smoking tries to handle too many plot lines at the same time but it is a fun little movie though I could have done without the first musical number.

Not being a true anglophile, I found it difficult to get into Those People Next Door and Not So Dusty and basically gave up after a few minutes.

If you are British or really appreciate late fifties British comedy, this 2 DVD set will certainly please and, hey, the price is right. The prints are pretty decent with just a few bits of dust occasionally.

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