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Funny Books - Stupid Science - Leland Gregory

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Stupid Science
Leland Gregory
Andrews McMeel 2009
220 pages

Factoid books are almost an addiction for me. Stupid Science Weird Experiments, Mad Scientists, and Idiots in the Lab, a collection of short news items about, you guessed it, stupid science, by Leland Gregory, is a fun factoid book featuring more than 200 different weird scientific discoveries, misses not hits, strange facts, and weird inventions.

Stupid History by Leland Gregory review

Stupid Science by Leland Gregory is a very easy, night table kind of read. No story is longer than 150 words or so. Gregory rewrites the story to fit this factoid book ‘s format or quotes from the press item and is not above, or below depending on your taste for it, adding a really awful pun as a punchline.

There’s lots to like in this book. I especially enjoyed learning about the Dilbert Factor, a study that shows people working with idiots have a greater chance of having a heart attack. I am now looking forward to the first American Disabilities Act case where someone wants his employer to adapt his workplace to his disability i.e. remove all the idiots. I am betting it will be on Wall Street or in a law firm.

One of Gregory’s sources is also a favorite of mine; the IgNobel prizes.

If you know a scientist, Stupid Science by Leland Gregory makes for an original and inexpensive gift that will not be tossed away.

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