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Funny Books - Zits - Lust and Other Uses for Spare Hormones

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Lust and Other Uses for Spare Hormones
A Zits Look at Relationships
Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman
Andrews McMeel 2009 128 pages

Zits rules! Even in a collection of previously published comic strips like Lust and Other Uses For Spare Hormones. The theme here is teenage love, its many manifestations and the many many festations of it, and, as in anything about relationships, how men do not understand women. Even if you are a long time fan of Zits and are not impressed with a book of repeats, Scott and Gorman have put Lust together in a way that brings new life to some of these strips.

Lust and Other Uses For Spare Hormones would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gag gift and a gag gift that would actually be appreciated. Scott and Borgman keep the humor clean here, of course, but they really must be narcs at the local highschool sometime to be so dead on.

Zits Rules in part because not of the characters here is an idiot or stereotype. The main character, Jeremy, is an A student and all around good guy. His friends are also nice kids and cool at the same time. Even the parents in this strip are intelligent characters, making their difficulty to understand their kid that much funnier.

Zits Lust and Other Uses For Spare Hormones reprises a couple of my all-time favorite strips, including the two-panel When Guys Hang Out / When Girls Hang Out.

This collection is not absolutely flawless. The inclusion of strips where Jeremy and Sara break up throws things a little out of kilter as the original story is incomplete.

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