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Comedy Reviews - CD - Bob Marley - Comedian Bob Marley Live

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Comedian Bob Marley Live
Bob Marley
Stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release 2002

Bob Marley gives a very good comedy show. He is a safe ticket as is obvious in Comedian Bob Marley Live, one of 5 independent release stand-up comedy CD he has available on  Amazon. For those who care, Marley works a little blue but nothing especially shocking.

Bob Marley Comedian opens with I’m From Maine, a nice bit of autobiographical material that also looks at how folks in Maine are. The first few tracks on this stand-up comedy CD are about Marley’s parents and growing up in Maine. This is followed by a series of short routines on the holidays: Thanksgiving, Xmas, and the especially funny bit on Halloween.

Relationship comedy is a staple of the stand-up world. Marley’s version of it is quite good. His series of short routines about life with the missus is quite good and much better than your usual stuff.

This segue nicely into a series about couple vacations.

Comedian Bob Marley Live is a very good stand-up comedy CD. Topically, the material is not ground breaking but Marley’s ability to create characters and bring a new touch to most topics make for a very enjoyable listening experience.

If this stand-up comic comes to your town, make sure you go see him live: he delivers.

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