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Funny Books - The Customer Is Not Always Right

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The Customer Is Not Always Right
Hilarious and Horrific Tales of Customers Gone Wrong
A.J. Adams
Andrews Mc Meel 2009
252 pages

Anyone who has worked in a store will enjoy the 252 anecdotes in The Customer Is Not Always Right by A.J. Adams.  This is a fun and very light read about how stupid people are in stores or when they call the help line. It is impossible not to at least smile when reading this book.

A.J. Adams has put together many stories from people who work at customer service, who have dumb colleagues, and so on. Reading The Customer Is Not Always Right makes you wonder why more people do not go postal. It also confirms my theory your bank balance should be 5X your IQ + age before you are given a credit card or access to an ATM.

Particular gems are the person who was filling out a job application and had to enter verification characters. “It says please enter the characters. I’ve tried Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Bugs Bunny. I do not know any other characters.”

Also on my list is the story of the customer who was bitching about the service and telling the clerk how to run the store only to be told to shut up by the man standing in line behind her aka her manager.

This book is a lot of fun.

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