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Comedy Movies - Aliens in the Attic Blu-ray

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Aliens in the Attic Blu-ray
Carter Jenkins, Ashley Tiesdale, Kevin NealonDirected by John Schultz
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
86 minutes

Aliens in the Attic is a fun science-fiction comedy aimed at the tween – teen set. This is a Blu-ray the whole family can enjoy though the wee ones might be scared by the Zirkonians. In some ways, Aliens in the Attic is sort of Bad Gremlins meets Home Alone. Fair warning if you are a parent, this is a kids’ comedy that will probably be viewed again and again.

The movie moves at a pretty quick pace. The Pearson families rent a cottage for a summer vacation. Tom Pearson has two sisters, young Hannah and teenager Bethany whose boyfriend happens to show up at the cottage. Jake Pearson is into war games and bosses his twin brothers around. Stuff happens and Tom discovers an advance ship of Zirkonians has landed in their attic and the Zirkonians plan to invade earth.

It is up to the Pearson kids to save the day unless they get caught by their parents.

The battle is mostly staged inside the cottage while the parents are gone. This is where Aliens in the Attic gets really imaginative and fun. Alien wise, the Zirkonians are on the small creature generic side but good enough to make the movie work.

There are many great scenes in this Blu-ray comedy but everyone’s favorite is certainly going to be the kung fu grandma sequence where Everybody Loves Raymond’s Doris Roberts gets to Matrix some alien booty.

Special features on Aliens in the Attic Blu-ray include a digital copy, Introduction to Film with Ashley Tisdale; The Ashley Encounters; Deleted Scenes; Gag Reel; Behind the Zirkonians; and Meet The Zirkonians. You absolutely have to watch the Kung Fu Grandma feature

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