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Funny Books - Don Tjernagel - American Infidel

American Infidel
Leathers Publishing
129 pages

?I would live to get really bad reviews, if any at all.? Writes Don Tjernagel in his book American Infidel. We are willing to meet him half way: not a really bad review, but a review and, overall, a good one. American Infidel came along with a 3 comedy cd package of Don Tjernagel?s independently released comedy. We didn?t ask for the book but hey, we get it, we review it: that?s the policy. You get some guy?s book in the mail; never heard of it, never heard of the publisher, and you go, ?Oh, God! Another vanity press hero.? No. American Infidel is a very interesting book about comedy, life on the road, life in general. It is sort of a blog ?it?s got the typos to prove it?with a little bit more thought and depth to it. American Infidel is the kind of book you read in one sitting, enjoying yourself, lend to a friend, put in the keeper section, never get rid of but yet only go back to for a quick chapter or two and never the whole thing.

Why American Infidel? Well, because Don Tjernagel is a left wing right wing nut. He hates the French but also hates bible-thumpers. He can see the bad in everything and little good in anything. Chapter three of American Infidel, Tim the Missionary is basically everything that is wrong about America: people who go overseas to foist their religion on others and yet can?t see the need in their own backyard: ?Tim the Missionary is off pruning the bushes and fertilizing the lawns of other cultures while there is a car parked on blocks in his own backyard surrounded with the godless overgrowth of lost American Christianity.? Can this guy write, or what?

There are a lot of really interesting bits in American Infidel. ?Marrying your high school sweetheart is like taking the free square on life?s bingo card.? Don Tjernagel?s metaphor of comics as golfers in chapter 23, Home Sweet Sin City, ?Some comics will just putt it down the fairway all day because it?s safe, without ever losing a ball in the rough or the trees. I am a comedian who likes to hit for the green? is quite apt and interesting (although some comics cheat and start from the ladies? tee and others bring the plastic golf set they got when they were six).

American Infidel also goes for the green. There are perhaps a fee too many chapters about Tjernagel?s views on sex and women but when he hits the green in chapters such as Family Entertainment, Dumb Co-ed, Our First Amendment, and I Miss Canada, he definitely sets himself up for an easy eagle.

American Infidel is a good read.

Richard Lanoie

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