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Stand-up DVD - Eddie Izzard - Live From Wembley

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Live From Wembley
Eddie Izzard
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Vivendi Entertainment
90 minutes

Eddie Izzard Live at Wembley is the North American DVD version of the 2003 Sexie tour. It is not the same show as the British release (shown in the YouTube clip).  This is not his best stand-up comedy by far. IN fact, if you have never seen an Izzard DVD before this will make you wonder what the fuss is all about. Live at Wembley also features Live From Norwich, a 40-minute one-camera show that is better than the main feature.

In Live at Wembley, Izzard gives the feeling he is trying to juggle one too many balls with a sprained wrist.

The DVD opens with a bit on Greek mythology that does not have the zest another such bit I am sure I heard somewhere else. This British comic’s forte is manic free association and here Izzard seems to be looking for his rhythm and footing for the first thirty or so minutes of the show that also includes breast, superheroes and transvestites, and space.

The archeology bit is not bad, as is the fireman bit. Izzard again loses his place with the texting bit which devolves into a bad bit on fear and martial arts.

A really good bit on this stand-up comedy DVD is the scatological flies bit. Also good is the greyhound, seeing-eye dog routine. The Neanderthal bit is decent but follows a weak salad, fire, wheel routine.

The rest of the show is not particularly interesting.

The Norwich show is a warm-up to the Wembley concert so features some the same material but better.

Most annoying on Eddie Izzard Live at Wembley is the film editing. Shots are badly framed, at odd angles, or feature the distracting camera crane going up in the background

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