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Chris Rock Kill the Messenger
The Comedy Network
Nov. 28 2009 10 P.M.

Chris Rock is at the top of his game in  his 2008 HBO stand-up comedy special Kill the Messenger. It airs November 28th 2009 at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network and this is an absolutely can’t miss show. Kill the Messenger invisibly segues 3 shows, one in Johannesburg, South Africa, one in London, England, and one at the Apollo Theatre in New York City, into one.  Taped before the 08 election, Chris Rock Kill to Messenger is incredibly perceptive, topical and funny.

Kill the Messenger begins with a look at the 08 election. Most comics have an Obama routine but Rock’s is much more perceptive. He comments on the inherent racism of the political commentary and also explains why a Black woman cannot be First Lady. The Bush bit, already dated, is still viciously funny.

The routine on racism is absolute genius. This is a funny as hell and inherently vicious take on the topic. It moves nicely to who gets to dis who and who gets to use derogatory terms and when. Of course, the proper use of the N word is explained.

Also on Chris Rock Kill the Messenger is a solid bit on jobs vs career, stupid things we spend our money on, and the differences between men and women. Granted the latter is a staple of stand-up comedy but Rock makes it funny and original, especially when he explains how women can’t go back in lifestyle.

Chris Rock Kill the Messenger airs Saturday November 28th at 10 on The Comedy Network.

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