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Stand-up DVD - Greg Giraldo - Midlife Vices DVD

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Midlife Vices
Greg Giraldo
Stand-up comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2009

His Comedy Central Roast appearances give the appearance Greg Giraldo is a scruffy, disorganized comic. Midlife Vices, his 2009 stand-up comedy DVD, shows the comic is mostly playing a part. His material is at times even more adult than the Roasts. It is also smarter and wider ranging than you would expect. Midlife Vices are not really what Greg Giraldo talks about here. The comedy here is social observational and biographical stand-up most of which is pretty good.

Giraldo plays to his New York City audience at the beginning of Midlife Vices. His routine on people you see on the streets and ethnic parades is good. I wish he’d done more with the homeless a capella choir. Also excellent are the handicapped room and the fat kids routines

Giraldo’s weakness is going for the easy adult humor laugh within otherwise very smart routines. I would love to know why he chooses to do that. His really adult routine that begins with gay son and kangaroo f@ck!ng is pretty good.

Other bits on Greg Giraldo Midlife Vices include one on old people, McCain, and the 08 election, a decent routine on texting technology, stuff about the economy and stem cell research that doesn’t really go anywhere, the sports heroes – Michael Phelps bit is decent enough. The China bit could have been expanded. The closer, Happy Birfday has a good surprise in it.

The sleeping rasta man should have been dumped into a special feature.

My favorite quote on Midlife Vices is “Do we make anything in America anymore aside from porn and autistic kids?”

Special features on this Greg Giraldo DVD are a thirty minute Comedy Central Presents and the pilot for the comic’s Adult Content show.

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