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Comedy Movies - The Hangover Blu-ray

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The Hangover Blu-ray
Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zack Galifianakis
Justin Bartha, Heather Graham
Directed by Todd Phillips
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
101 and 108 minutes

Part of the reason why The Hangover has been so successful is it is not as moronic a comedy as people expected. Now available on DVD and Blu-ray, this buddy movie avoids most of the traps of this comedic genre and features pretty normal guys. The Hangover may not bring anything new to the table but it is a fun movie that will not insult your intelligence.

Hard Rock Cafe    Map of Destruction  Mr. Chow   Tiger   Cop Car

What makes The Hangover different from other buddy comedies is it focuses on the aftermath of the wild party instead of the party itself. Phil and Stu decide to bring their friend Doug to Vegas for his bachelor party. They also have to bring Doug’s future brother-in-law Alan (Zack Gawhateverasis), the weirdo of the bunch.The audience (and the guys) has no idea how the night of debauchery went but the aftermath is nobody knows where Doug is. Phil, Stu, and Alan must find Doug and get him to the wedding on time.

Heather Graham clip 1    Heather Graham clip 2

Their search for Doug and of what happened the night before is the center of this comedy. As the guys look for Doug they also discover what happened.

The Hangover is really fun to watch. The guys never quite figure out everything about their wild night but that is part of the originality of this movie.

The Hangover DVD Single Disc and Extended Cut version contain: Map of Destruction” e-trace each step the guys took during their fate-filled evening; Three Best Friends Song”; and Gag Reel.

The Hangover: Extended Cut Blu-ray Disc contains everything on the SD versions as well as features exclusive to Blu-ray and BD-Live, including: Extended and Theatrical Versions of the Film. More Pictures from the Missing Camera (100 Stills)  “The Madness of Ken Jeong” (TRT 7:38)  “Action Mash-Up” (TRT :30) Compilation of all the physical comedy from the film. Digital Copy of the Theatrical, Version Picture-in-Picture Commentary (TRT 101 min)

BD-Live: “Iron Mike Online Teaser” The Champs' rendition of "In the Air Tonight" “Cursing Mash-Up”


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