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Stand-up DVD - George Lopez - George Lopez Tall, Dark & Chicano - HBO Comedy Special

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Tall, Dark & Chicano
George Lopez
Stand-up Comedy DVD
HBO Warner 2009
90 minutes

Tall, Dark & Chicano, the new George Lopez DVD made it just in time to be crowned worst stand-up comedy DVD for 2009. Lopez opens his HBO stand-up comedy special with an extremely aggressive Latino pride bit where Lopez sounds as if he is having a case of ‘roid rage. This comedy special was aired live; this might account for the rather cavernous sound and occasionally barely audible on this DVD.

Then again, what do I know. The CD version of George Lopez Tall, Dark, and Chicano was nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award. If you are expecting the TV George Lopez, think again: this is at times very adult material.

Lopez does have a point in his opening routine about the bastardization of Latino culture (flat bread and wrap instead of tortilla and burrito). He just fails to make it funny, even with a fart joke.

You will have to bone up on your Spanish to appreciate some of the humor here.

His bit on giving kids weird names and kids today being too coddled is decent and has its moments but is already old hat in the comedy world. Almost thirty minutes of this stuff is also a bit much.

A good bit on this George Lopez DVD is the texting routine with the Spanish equivalent of LOL and so on. This include a funny segment on translating English and Spanish expressions. The show goes downhill again with the routine on new police techniques versus Latinos.

Also not funny is the Latino sex and vibrator bit. You would expect much better from a comic doing a show in front of fourteen thousand people. This segues into a long, long sex bit that is only memorable for how raunchy it is.

Rather funny is the routine showing why Sarah Palin is Latina (she has a child the same age as her grandkid) and Obama is Latino (he tried to settle a racial dispute with alcohol).

George Lopez Tall, Dark & Chicano closes with another bit on Latino pride.

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