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Comedy Reviews - CD - Costaki Economopoulos - The Economonologues

The Economonologues
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The Economonologues
Costaki Economopoulos
3 Comedy CD
Independent Release 2009
Available at comicís website

Costaki Economopoulos, the biggest name in comedy, now has the most unpronounceable comedy CD title: The Economonologues. No, this three CD set is not a series of monologues about the economy. Instead, you get forty-one audio clips from Economopoulos ‘ weekly comic presentation on the Bob and Tom radio show. If you like the Economonologues, you should really check out his stand-up comedy CD where Costaki really shines.

The Economonologues cover a wide range of topics. From Mascots, Crazy Laws, Second Tier Holidays, and silly names for teams or cities to more profound (relatively speaking) commentary on Greek Mythology (CD 1) and Dante’s Inferno (no, really) and the Kama Sutra (CD 3). Dante’s Inferno is especially good as Economopooulos gives the modern equivalents to the circles of hell.

The sound here is better than I expected from a radio show CD, especially considering Economopoulos is usually on the phone. I usually find this annoying but not this time.

These bits were aired on the Bob and Tom radio show so they have to be clean. This does not mean there are not adult oriented jokes and innuendoes. Nothing though that will offend unless you are particularly sensitive and then there’s religious programming anyways.

Not every comic piece here is brilliant. Personally, the roller coaster names and the two poker related pieces didn’t do much.

Especially good on this 3 comedy CD set are Kama Sutra, Topical Sounding Jokes, Christmas Traditions, and Fatherhood. Again, that is a matter of taste so you will probably have your own. There are more than enough comic bits to choose from here.

This is fun stuff.

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