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Foreign Comedy - Ireland - Wild About Harry

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Kathy Griffin
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Anchor Bay 2004

Wild About Harry is a watchable Irish comedy starring Brendan Gleeson and Amanda Donohue. This is a comedy you have to give fifteen or so minutes or so before it gets interesting enough and funny enough to be entertaining. The right out of Hollywood ending feels imposed. You won’t be wild about Wild About Harry but if you catch it on TV, why not.

Brendan Gleeson plays local TV chef Harry McKee. Harry is a philandering drunk with little to make him likeable. He always has a special guest on his show. At the beginning of the movie, the guest is a Member of Parliament and Harry reveals his many indiscretions. This becomes sort of the basis for a secondary story in this comedy but that element is not quite developed although you really wish it had.

Harry gets beaten up and wakes up from a coma with the last twenty-five years of his memory gone. He is now in love with his soon to be divorced from him wife (Amanda Donohue who is wasted here) and decides to reclaim her. She and her shrill divorce lawyer think Harry is faking it.

Stuff happens, all of it just funny enough to keep the movie going but not that funny, really. The MP exacts his revenge but this whole scene, which could have been the core of the movie, is a throwaway. Tack on a Hollywood ending for some reason.

Wild About Harry was found in a bargain bin for a reason.

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