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Comedy Reviews - CD - Bob Marley - UPTA Camp

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Comedian Bob Marley
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release 2005

This 2005 Bob Marley stand-up comedy CD is decent though decent for this comic equals very good for many others. I am probably mistaken and not that Marley is a dirty comic but I do not remember him using as much blue language as he does on UPTA Camp. In the excellent opening routine this makes sense.  It makes much less so on the rest of the CD. The rest of the material is standard comedy fare.

UPTA Camp opens with the language of weather, as in it is effing cold and effing hot. This is a very funny and dead on routine where Bob Marley uses blue language perfectly and accurately. On the rest of the routines on this comedy CD, the language is used as a crutch more than anything else.

The next bit on the new pope, Pope Larry, being from Maine is quite funny. Bob Marley is very much a Maine comic and this usually works for him. Some of the material on this comedy CD such as Bugaboo Crack is perhaps a bit too local. Connected bits such as the waiter, supersizing, and birthdays at the restaurant are generic.

Marley then riffs with the audience with a dog bit that sets up a great imitation of Droopy Dog that borrows a bit of Carol Channing. This sets up a decent routine on other pets. Also decent is the pot smoking bit.

This Bob Marley CD closes with a routine on beer drinking. Like the rest of the material here, it’s funny enough.

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