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Stand-up DVD - Artie Lange - Jack and Coke

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Click Pic for Amazon Page

Jack and Coke
Artie Lange
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2010
87 minutes

Read on to win a copy of this DVD. Artie Lange Jack and Coke is for an adult audience. The opening routine on Brokeback Mountain’s sex scene leaves no doubt as to that. If you like raunchy material and are loaded on Jack and coke this stand-up comedy DVD might make you laugh. Lange has not refreshed his references since the eighties so it is also available on Beta.

To win a copy of this Artie Lange DVD courtesy Image Entertainment send an email to contest at theseriouscomedysite dot com. Mention this contest on your myspace and facebook page and get extra entries. All entries will be destroyed after the contest which ends February 28th 2010

This segues into a routine referencing antidrug campaigns of the 80s, an overlong bit on Tom Brady sex life, and why the New York Jets suck (the same Jets who have finished 2nd or third in their division since 2006.

Lange’s most recent reference is Tom Brady leaving his first supermodel girlfriend in 2007. This sets up a routine about now long retired Giant Lawrence Taylor.

You almost expect Lange to do a bit on someone now dead (aside from the opening reference with Heath Ledger).

There are a couple of more recent jokes such as on Obama being President and ….

Other great pearls of stand-up comedy on this DVD include how cab drivers smell, Mike Tyson being violent, very local New York references,

The best moment on Artie Lange Jack and Coke is when the comic says, “This is my last performance because Mike Tyson is going to kill me.”

Special Features include 10-minute sets by Joe Matarese and Pete Dominick.

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