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Comedy Reviews - CD - Bob Marley - Sold Out

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Sold Out
Bob Marley
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent release

Sold Out is a minor stand-up comedy CD by comedian Bob Marley. Marley is in fine form here but too much of the material plays to a hometown Maine crowd. The show has its moments but overall this Marley CD is for true fans of the stand-up.

Bob Marley Sold Out opens strong with the comic reading from the local crime blotter. This involves runaway docks and midnight worm hunters. This is a very funny routine

The next few tracks, some only 30 seconds long feature jokes about the turnpike, a local restaurant, Poland Springs water, and a local car salesman’s TV commercial. The IGA grocery story has more meat to it.  The problem with this material is Marley fails to find the comic element that makes it funny outside of Maine. The crime blotter bit works because it connects to just about everyone’s idea of small town life.

The next block of routines is relationship comedy based on Marley’s parents. This is good stuff we can all pretty much relate to. Comedian Bob Marley fails to make the going to the movies as a couple even close to funny.

The buying a new house bit is also a fail on this stand-up comedy CD because the opening bit is just annoying and repeatedly so. The routine also includes a very ordinary slam on movers and a less that stellar bit on Home Depot.

Bob Marley Sold Out closes with a dog bit. It fails to rise above your standard stand-up stuff.

Comedian Bob Marley is a good comic but this particular CD doesn’t really prove it.

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