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Blue Collar Comedy - Larry The Cable Guy - Tailgate Party - DVD Version

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Tailgate Party DVD Version
Larry the Cable Guy
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2010
75 minutes

I have no idea why there was such a four-month between the releases of the Larry the Cable Guy CD and DVD versions of Tailgate Party. If you already have the CD, the stand-up comedy DVD version of this 2009 Nebraska show in front of 50,000 people is the same show with 20 minutes more material. Tailgate Party is a good performance by the Blue Collar Comedy alum most likely to be scoffed at. It features mostly clean language but much more adult that usual references.

As Larry the Cable Guy says in the opening, Nebraska on July 4th, 2009 would have been a good time to go to Wal Mart. This segues nicely into adult reference bit on China and the dangerous products it exports. This is a stand-up comedy show built on one-liners and very short bits and it works.

Other routines on Tailgate Party include a good fishing bit, a funny bit about going to the beach, and an ordinary routine about stuff on TV, commercials, and the 09 Super Bowl. This stand-up comedy DVD also features a really good bit about pickup trucks.

The second half of the show, starting with the Global Warming bit is noticeably weaker than the first. It includes a few lame toilet jokes and weak material on the economic situation is also weak. The sex bit has a couple of good lines in it but it is too raunchy for no reason

The parenting bit is decent enough and something I am pretty sure is not on the Tailgate Party CD.  The Vegas section is very, very standard fare for the topic.

The Larry the Cable Guy Tailgate Party DVD closes with a bit on shopping at Wal Mart, the Dollar Store, and Costco and Larry picking up his gee-tar and slinging a few one-liners.

Tell you what a couple of the jokes are also objectionable if you are on the politically correct side of the fence.

For those wondering, there are only 2 git-er-done. The Cable Guy’s talent for similes is in fine form here with a few memorable ones.

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