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Comedy Reviews - CD - Kristin Key - Where The Cab Takes You

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Where the Cab Takes You
Kristin Key
Stand-up Comedy CD
Uproar! 2010
41 minutes

If just for the opening routine about being stoned and having the munchies, this Kristin Key CD is worth it. There is much more to Where the Cab Takes You than The Munchies and Soy Sauce Can’t Drive but this is one of those routines that will always be funny no matter how often you listen to this stand-up comedy CD. This is Key’s second CD on the Uproar! Label and features adult language and material.

The next 3 tracks on Where the Cab Takes You are a pretty decent variation on the IHOP routine but set in a Waffle House. White Trash Family is another solid bit that includes a very funny BJ bit with a few genuine groaners you gotta love.

I Tweeted and The GPS lady are funny stand-up routines about, you guessed it. Kristin Key really runs with the idea of having more interesting voices on your GPS. Peeing in a Blizzard is exactly about that: the difficulty for women to take care of business on the road.

I am much less a fan of the funny song so there you go. This said, Key is a good funny song singer and songwriter. This stand-up comedy CD closes with four funny ditties. The Pooping Song is only 42 seconds long and seems to depend on seeing Key perform it. The Spanish Song is a fun number where Key sings in Spanish and translates the lyrics. Also entertaining are The Airport Security Song and The Recycling Song.

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