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Articles - Ugly Americans - The Comedy Network starts 03-21-10

Ugly Americans - The Comedy Network starts 03-21-10
Ugly Americans
The Comedy Network
Sunday 9:30 P.M.
Begins March 21st 2010

If you don’t like weird, why did you come to New York? is a question the main character in Ugly Americans asks early on in the Ugly Americans pilot. This very weird, different, and original cartoon will start airing on The Comedy Network Sunday March 21st 2010 at 9:30 P.M. right after season 14 of South Park.

Ugly Americans is the story of social worker Mark Lilly and the illegal aliens under his care. Real aliens like walking brains, robots, two-headed dudes, and women with thirty breasts and a head where you normally give head.

In the Ugly Americans pilot episode Mark’s Department of Integration suffers cutbacks, the cops need to arrest and deport 20 illegal aliens, his girlfriend and boss is a warlock, his roommate became a zombie to impress a girl and is now literally falling apart.

Ugly Americans is the kind of cartoon you need to watch carefully to get all of the jokes. It features a lot of background sight gags like the names of stores in hell, a homeless fly with a cardboard sign that reads “spiders ate my family”, and so on. As to dialogue, this cartoon also has a few good lines.

The weak element in Ugly Americans is the story. The story in the pilot doesn’t really drive it and based on that it is hard to see how the show will get past its initial weird factor.

The Comedy Network airs Ugly Americans Sundays at 9:30 starting March 21st. You can also catch shows at their website.

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