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Funny Books - FoxTrot Sundaes - A FoxTrot Collection by Bill Amend

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Click Pic for Amazon Page

FoxTrot Sundays A FoxTrot Collection
Bill Amend
Andrews McMeel 2010
144 color pages

I really, really, really wanted to say "FoxTrot Sundays is a cool treat" but the blurb on the back cover of this FoxTrot collection of Sunday comic strips by Bill Amend beat me to it. I am left with FoxTrot Sundays is sweeeeet and comes in 137 flavors.

The advantage to a Sunday strip compared to a three or four-panel daily is the cartoonist has more room to tell a story and can support it with color. If, like Bill Amend, your deadline is no longer daily but weekly you can also focus on the best jokes and really work with them. This is what the artist does in this FoxTrot collection.

Fans of this comic strip will find a few strips with a Jason created puzzle (and still no solve provided in the book), the usual sibling battles, and school angst for some and uberperformance for others. Andy, the mother, still has to deal with her mighty strange but good kids and dad Roger is still as clueless as ever when it comes to kids and computers. Jason and his friend Marcus are also generally up to no good or busy rold-playing.

Being a FoxTrot fan, it is a bit more difficult to have a favorite in Foxtrot Sundaes. Still, the Shakespeare backyard quotes on page 128 ("Two bees, or not two bees." And "A hose! A hose! My kingdom for a hose!" ; Quincy's Jurassic Park dream on page 123, and the math joke Paige and I managed to understand page 102 are up there.

FoxTrot Sundaes ... you'll have to wait much more than a year before the next one so enjoy.
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