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Articles - Summer Heights High - The Comedy Network 05-16-10

Summer Heights High - The Comedy Network 05-16-10
Summer Heights High
Chris Lilley, Danny Alsabbagh, Alicia Banit
The Comedy Network
Begins May 16th 10 p.m.

Beginning May 16th 2010 at 10 p.m. The Comedy Network airs the Australian high school comedy Summer Heights High. If you liked Chris Lilley in We Can Be Heroes, you will probably enjoy the writer - director - and actor of most important roles in Summer Heights High.  For sitcom fans, this is an unusual show, quite different from the British, Canadian, or American sitcoms we usually get. Personally, I could never really enjoy this show.

Chris Lilley plays 3 characters in Summer Heights High. Two of them, Ja'mie, seen in We Can Be Heroes, drama teacher Mr. G, and school bully Jonah. Ja'mie has just transferred from a fancy private school to this less than stellar public high school and is the central character here.

This sitcom's main story lines are Ja'mie adapting to her new environment and getting the girls to support her various causes, Mr. G trying to put on the year end show and slowly taking it over much like Lilley takes this show over, and Jonah bullying some kids.

Sumer Heights High has its moments, especially Mr. G's emergency drills. The show gets better with episode 4.

Overall though Summer Heights High fails to impress. Lilley isn't quite believable as a sixteen year old girl with the occasional five o'clock shadow and Ja'mie is the core of the show.

I also feel Lilley does not have any distance between his directing, writing, and acting so cannot see the whole doesn't quite hang together.

Summer Heights High airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on The Comedy Network beginning May 16th.

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