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Funny Books - Jeremy & Dad - A Great Father's Day Present for Dad

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Jeremy & Dad A Zits Tribute-ish to Fathers and Sons
Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman
Andrews McMel 2010
239 pages

The only thing better as a Father's Day or dad birthday gift than Jeremy & Dad A Zits Tribute-ish to Fathers and Sons would be a new car, an expensive one. This superb anthology of father and son centered Zits comic strips by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman takes a touching but manly, warm but masculine, perceptive but virile look at the relationship between a father and his male progeny.

One of the many great Zits comic strips or Sunday panels in Jeremy & Dad is on page 189 where the two are tossing the baseball. The last panel has mom saying "You had a meaningful conversation with Jeremy? How?" Walt answers, "First you have to get over the idea of using words."  It is just as easy to picture a son pointing to this book and asking, "Did you see page 103?" or a dad simply saying "Page 80".

Borgman and Scott's Zits has always been a great comic strip because it doesn't dumb it down. Jeremy is an A student, Walt is a confused father but not stupidly so, and Connie, the mother, is also smart but a little lost in her son's world.

The daily strips and Sunday color panels collected in Jeremy and Dad show a warm, loving relationship between father and son. Jeremy and his dad may not always communicate or have much in common sometimes but they get along in that very unofficial male way.

For once, there is actually something out there that makes a great Father's Day or birthday present for Dad.

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