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Articles - Zoofest 2010 - Montreal Just For Laughs

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Zoofest 2010 Just For Laughs
Montreal July 12 to 25th 2010
Various Venues and Times

Zoofest is the alternative Just For Laughs comedy festival. You cannot get better in terms of bang for your comedy buck. 1 show is $15 and two are $20. 29.99 gives access to all Zoofest 2010 stand-up comedy shows not sold out 2 hours prior to start time. You still have to pick up tickets at the Just For Laughs box office or last minute booth. If you are adventurous and flexible, the Zoofest pass is safer than Coca-Cola stock. With the exception of Kim Noble Will Die, English shows only run July 12th to 18th.

Comics features in Zoofest this year include Patrice ONeal, Bill Burr, Bo Burnham, Jim Jefferies, Phil Nichol, Tom Wrigglesworth, Donald Glover Gloss, Upright Citizen's Brigade, Noel Fielding, Tim Key, Jamie Kilstein, Dance Animal (the winner of Best Montreal Fringe 2009), and Kim Noble.

Patrice ONeal gave a superb one-man show at Just For Laughs 2008 in the Flying Solo series. This comic has quite the following. ONeal is not an offensive comic but there is a reason the show starts at 11:30 at the Katacombes.

Jim Jefferies is definitely not for the fait of heart. Jefferies will be at the Katacombes July 12th to 17 at 10 p.m. The July 16th show is at 8:30 and might be fun just to see how many people walk out because they thought they were getting a "nice" show.

Bill Burr is another Zoofest comedy show I want to see. Burr is a dark, intelligent comic with something to say. July 12 to 14 at 8:30

I also really want to see Jamie Kilstein whose Zombie Jesus CD is superb. Kilstein's shows are July 14, 15, and 17 at 11:30

As for the other shows, I look forward to discovering some of these artists. Zoofest shows are not always great but generally they are quite good and if you get the pass, you have little to bitch about.

Like the very helpful person at the JFL box office said when I phoned, if you have your heart set on a show, say Patrice ONeal, you might not want to take the risk there will be tickets left 2 hours before the show and buy one in advance. You could also call the Zoofest box office (1-877-353-3378 et 514-509-5273) a week or so before the show and see how sales are going to see if you should play it safe.

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