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Articles - Comedy Inc - Season 5 begins 06-12-10 CTV 10:30

Comedy Inc - Season 5 begins 06-12-10 CTV 10:30
Comedy Inc. Season 5
CTV Saturdays 10:30 p.m.
Begins June 12th 2010

Comedy Inc sucks harder than a brand new Dyson. This beyond awful sketch comedy show is back for a fifth season on CTV Saturdays at 10:30 starting June 12th  2010. For some reason, the show will also air on The Comedy Network this fall.

New episodes are dated 2008 and the first refers to George Bush as President. The producers figured nobody ever watches the show so why make new ones.

The show stars Roman Danylo, Jen Goodhue, Terry McGurrin, Jenn Robertson, Winston Spear, Gavin Stephens, Albert Howell, Ian Sirota, Sarah Cornell, Bob Kerr, Renée Percy and Leslie Seiler. I wish I could tell you who is funniest; I can't even tell you who is funny.

The comedians in this show have fewer chances of being recognized than somebody in the witness protection program working at a hospital for the blind.

The dog in the first psychiatrist skit in the second fifth season show has the best timing of the bunch.

The plastic goldfish floating belly up in the third animal psychiatrist skit gives the most credible performance.

When an actor ran his nails on a blackboard I thought he was imitating the show.

The one good moment on this show is before it begins.

Comedy Inc season five follows season 12 of Comedy Now! It would have made more sense just to repeat the Comedy Now! episode.

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