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TV & sitcom DVDs - Simon King - Comedy Now - CTV Saturday June 19th 2010 10 p.m.

Comedy Now - CTV Saturday June 19th 2010 10 p.m.
Simon King
Comedy Now!
CTV June 19th 2010 10 p.m

Comedy Now! is in its twelfth season and if not the best, Simon King's show is one of the top three shows in this series. This not only because unlike past shows the comedian and the mic are not screwed down center stage. This must see stand-up comedy show airs Saturday June 19th 2010 at 10 on CTV and will also be shown this fall on The Comedy Network. The show does feature adult references and language.

King begins strong with a bit about why professions other than stand-up do not have an amateur hour. He then does some purely Canadian stuff including a nice dig at the NDP and better than average America bad Canada good jokes.  Milder material includes game shows around the world and video games and army recruitment.

Simon King definitely has an edge and this is quite clear in his Obama material, some of which pushes the envelope. This is the kind of material only a comic in full control can pull off.

Also excellent and dark is the old people oil routine. This is the kind of joke that makes you laugh and squirm at the same time; that is something I especially appreciate. It prefaces an excellent long routine on old folks including old folk terrorists

Perhaps my favorite joke in Simon King's Comedy Now! show is the Obese Jesus routine.

The Sean Connery James Bond and Bill Cosby imitation routines are also excellent.

Some of the material in this show is on King's CD so you may want to get that.

This excellent Comedy Now! episode airs Saturday June 19th 2010 at 10:30 on CTV. If you send an email to contest at theseriouscomedysite dot com you might win a brand new copy of KIng's Unfamous CD.

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