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Articles - Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off 2010

Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off 2010
The Great Canadian Laugh Off Yuk Yuk’s 2010
The Comedy Network
Saturday July 3rd 2010 9 PM

Every year Yuk Yuk's has a stand-up comedy showdown called The Great Canadian Laugh Off with $25,000 for the winner and a year's supply of roach traps for the runner up. This always makes for good stand-up comedy TV and will again Saturday July 3rd 2010 at 9 PM on The Comedy Network. This year the comics in the showdown are Darcy Michael, David Baker, Tim Gilbert, LA King, Martha Chavez, Tom Dustin, Landry, and Patrick Haye. The Great Canadian Laugh Off is hosted by Yuk Yuk's founder Mark Breslin.

BC's Darcy Michael opens the show with a joke using the show itself. I never like comics who bring their set list on stage especially when they check stuff off during the show. Michael has decent stuff but no clear stage persona to support his material.

I liked Tim Gilbert and his surreal bit about workshopping his play. This is great writing. Gilbert himself is a bit bland stage wise.  He is followed by Brit David Baker who does a little bit of everything generic.

A favorite was LA King. This cute, blonde, twenty-one year old does very funny, edgy, adult material and has the ... ovaries to get away with it. She was probably too edgy for the whitebread judges.

You got to wonder what the hell Martha Chavez is doing in The Great Canadian Laugh Off. She's been around since some of these contestants were sperm and eggs. Her material is as dated as her Trudeau references. The Yuk Yuk's crowd liked her a lot though.

Landry is a Black guy from Newfoundland. He has some really good material, especially the bit on Snugglys. Patrick Haye is the next Black guy. He was my pick to win this contest with great bits on being the only Black kid in second grade, original Viagra material, and a killer on smokers being like Black in the fifties.

The last contestant is American Tom Dustin with a superb spelling bee routine. Not that many comics have one of those.

I'd comment on who won but don't want to spoil the fun for anyone.

Yuk Yuk's The Great Canadian Laugh Off airs Saturday July 3rd 2010 at 9 PM on The Comedy Network. You can also catch it at later on.

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