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Live Comedy - Bubbling With Laughter - Just For Laughs Montreal July 13th 2010

Bubbling With Laughter - Just For Laughs Montreal July 13th 2010
Bubbling With Laughter Just for Laughs Montreal
Tom Papa, Hannibal Buress, Maryellen Hooper
Finesse Mitchell, The Doo Wops, Natasha Leggero
Greg Behrendt, Jo Koy
July 13th 2010

Bubbling With Laughter is always a good Just For Laughs ticket and tonight's show was no exception. In fact it was the most solid and consistent Bubbling With Laughter I have seen. This not just because MC Tom Papa bought me a drink.

Bubbling With Laughter is a buffet style show. Tonight's version could easily have been renamed the pre Relationship Gala show (June 14th at the St-Denis) as many of the same comics will be there. Papa is a solid comic and a great MC who kept things rolling along and the audience laughing.

First up was Hannibal Buress. Based on his CD, Buress had an off night. This perhaps because he didn't listen to Papa's opening bit and came in totally out of left field and did the set he intended to do all along.

I have always liked Maryellen Hooper and she was as solid as always. This time around the house seems to be built but the kids need to stop oozing substances. Any parent could relate to this material.

Finesse Mitchell did not disappoint either with a very good relationship bit involving his girlfriend's Yorkies.

The Doo Wops experienced some major sound problems as the guitar mic was dysfunctional. Professionals do not lose their cool or timing and The Doo Wops carried on and gave a solid set that included a song about female pubic hair.

I despise Last Comic You Can Stand and was especially annoyed by judge Natasha Leggero but I have to admit she is an excellent comic who managed to give the edgiest set of the night without losing the seven o'clock audience.

Greg Behrendt was good but I can't for the life of me remember anything aside from the goldfish in the closet bit.

The closer was Jo Koy. Koy was also excellent. He did some older material about his mother and growing up and some newer stuff about sleep apnea. Koy is an excellent physical comic and his young kid in church bit is superb.

Bubbling With Laughter continues until July 17th with different hosts and different lineups.

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