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Live Comedy - The Ethnic Show - Montreal Just for Laughs 2010

The Ethnic Show - Montreal Just for Laughs 2010
The Ethnic Show Montreal Just For Laughs 2010
Aron Kader, Bret Ernst, Mo Mandel, Jo Koy
Hosted by Godfrey
Metropolis July 15th 2010
Also July 16th 7 and 9:30

The crowd was smaller than usual at The Ethnic Show this year. Go figure. The Ethnic Show is a good buffet style stand-up comedy show with something for everybody who is not whitebread. Oddly enough most of the audience was whitebread. Godfrey is MC and does a brilliant job of it but perhaps too good a job as he is very hard to follow.

The comics in this year's Ethnic Show are Aron Kader, Bret Ernst, Mo Mandel, and Jo Koy. I am not quite sure what Jo Koy is doing there as the Ethnic Show is a bit of a showcase and Koy is bigger than that. Oh well.

First up was Palestinian comic Aron Kader. You don't want to say a Palestinian bombed but ... I'll be unusually generous and assume he had an off night but I doubt that is true. Kader was all over the place, quickly lost the audience, tried to ingratiate himself to the crowd with a hockey reference, failed, and they developed a fuck you attitude.

Bret Ernst is an Italian comic who managed not to go for the usual Italian material. Ernst himself pointed out his being included in an Ethnic Show was a reach and it was. This said, he had a very good set. His weird babysitter routine is excellent though it coud be tightened up a bit.

Most impressive was Jewish comic Mo Mandel. He had a very varied set that included a decent bit on Jews in Israel and some excellent relationship comedy. This was the most effortless and polished set of the evening. Mandel's segues are some of the smoothest around. This is a comic I'd pay to see again, especially in a longer set.

I had to skip out on Jo Koy to make another show.

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