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Live Comedy - Christopher Titus - Neverlution - Just for Laughs 2010 Montreal

Neverlution - Just for Laughs 2010 Montreal
Christopher Titus Neverlution
Montreal Just For Laughs
July 14th and 17 2010

Christopher Titus was the must see show for me at the 2010 Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival. I ended up seeing two shows and two different performances. Titus' set was off on July 14th and got a standing ovation on the 17th. Neverlution is also two different shows. One focuses on how we are letting our kids down, the other focuses on how we have pretty given up trying to advance as a society. The two are related but I think Titus has material for two different shows.

Opening with a quote from Thomas Jefferson, Neverlution focuses on how we have all given up the fight for any form of excellence so everybody gets a trophy. Not only does everybody get a trophy but we let anybody on the playing field. Titus' comic but earnest solution is late term abortion up to 264 months. We have prescription drugged ourselves in a passive stupor reinforced by all the communication gadgets that just Teflon our bubble.

The second show could be titled What Happened to the Village --the poster would replace the nude girl running from the napalm attack by a fat kid with a huge lollipop. Here, Christopher Titus the father wonders what happened to the world he grew up in where parents not only had responsibilities but rights. He looks at what has happened and will happen to a society that gives kids rights instead of raising them. This is vital because he has two kids who have to live in that mess.

I am quite happy to have seen two different Christopher Titus shows. It just confirmed my conviction that Titus' forte is Titus. He is brilliant when he validates his material with his own sweat and blood.

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