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Comedy Reviews - CD - Doug Benson - Hypocritical Oaf - CD / DVD set

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Hypocritical Oaf
Doug Benson
Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD
Comedy Central Records 2010

Stand-up comic Doug Benson likes to mess around with language and audience expectations. This is one reason why his second stand-up comedy CD is worth getting. The fact Hypocritical Oaf is a Comedy Central CD and DVD set just makes the deal sweeter. Hypocritical Oaf features more than its share of 420 comedy but you do not have to partake or have partaken to enjoy it.

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Benson, of Super High Me fame, takes a little getting used to. Some of his routines like Peanut Lady are deceptively facile but another listen or to reveal how much more interesting these are.

Doug Benson Hypocritical Oaf features an excellent modern censorship bit, The Track With the Stupid Fart Joke that reveals a lot about the state of stand-up comedy. Interestingly enough the bit is also on the first of two Comedy Central Specials included on the DV.

The imnpressions bit is fun but Silence of the Lambs dated.

Hypocritical Oaf features more than its share of 420 comedy but you do not have to partake or have partaken to enjoy it. That said, if pot jokes are not your favorite kind of stand-up material you will probably find this comedy CD is not as smoking.

Hyprocritical Oaf closes with a track titled Big Finish; I guess the joke is it is not.

The DVD on Hypocritical Oaf features two Comedy Central Presents shows with Doug Benson. Both shows are different from this CD and from Unbalanced Load (2009) but do contain some of the routines.

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