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Comedy Reviews - CD - Greg Giraldo - Good Day To Cross The River

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Greg Giraldo
Good Day To Cross A River
Stand-up Comedy CD
Produced by Jack Vaughn
Comedy Central Records 2006
52 minutes
Adult language and material (for those who care)

Greg Giraldo is one of the top working comedians who delve into current issues. Giraldo's  Good Day To CRoss A River is chock-full of commentary on news stories, political scandals, and public stupidity.  He takes the stories from the headlines that make people want to rip their hair out for and turns them into good comedy, which is no easy feat. 

Giraldo quickly moves from one premise to another with fluidity: In less than four minutes his jokes can coherently transition from SUVS to burning genitals.  As is the case with most deprecating humor, there will always be a good amount of shock value, jokes that use profanity to merely shock the audience into laughing.  It adds to the hilarity, but it doesn't add any substance to the material.  It's important to note, though, that not all profanity in stand-up is for shock value.  Far from it. Likewise, most of the profanity in Giraldo's set isn't just for shock, but it is still present in his set.
This album does not have many huge laughs in it, but it is incredibly consistent in getting laughs in every track, which makes it hard in picking best and worst tracks.  If you are into comedians like Lewis Black or Patton Oswalt, whose sets are dependent on news stories, you will probably like this album. 

Worst Tracks: Room for Dessert/Death by Chocolate/Lent/Snacks, Katrina
Best Tracks:  Dyslexic Luger/Civil War Letters/Kids/Baby in River, Terrorism

Joe Schneider

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