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Comedy Reviews - CD - Tina Kim - Single Asian Female

cd cover
Independent Release

Single Asian Female is stand-up comic Tina Kim's self-release and self-produced comedy CD. That she did all the work to get this stand-up CD out there is commendable but this does not change the fact that Single Asian Female could have been much better. As is, Single Asian Female is an irritating comedy CD to listen to. The material is good, the CD is weak.

First off, it is a little weird, considering the self-confidence you need to produce your own show at San Francisco's Purple Onion and your own stand-up comedy CD and its (excellent) packaging, how often Tina Kim comes across as lacking self-confidence on Single Asian Female. How else can you explain why she feels she has to say "Know what I mean?", "Know what I'm saying?" or "You know?" every ninety seconds or so. Add this to the many other versions of you know, the rights?, likes, and the many lines that end in a question and you definitely get tired of the whole thing.

The main reason this is particularly frustrating is Tina Kim is definitely a very funny woman. Her social, observational, and relationship material is fresh and her comic character is interesting. Tina Kim is not afraid of calling things as she can definitely make you squirm and laugh at the same time. Even when she covers more mundane stuff like television shows such as Fear Factor, her take is original and definitely funny.

Another irritating thing about Tina Kim is she went to the Margaret Cho school of stand -up comedy where lesson number one is never take a voice lesson when you can simply scream into the mike. You do not have to scream into the mike to be an edgy comic or get your punch line across. Tina Kim's material on her independent release stand-up comedy CD Single Asian Female is strong enough that she does not have to scream it for people to get it.

This brings me to another weakness of Single Asian Female, Tina Kim's independent release stand-up comedy CD, the sound. Because she screams so much and she has a fairly high-pitched voice, you constantly get the impression your tweeters have blown.

I look forward to Tina Kim's next stand-up comedy CD if it is better produced, there are a lot less you knows and know what I means, and the sound quality improves.

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