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TV & sitcom DVDs - A Little Box of Butters (a South Park DVD set)

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A Little Box of Butters
Butters Stotch, Cartman, Stan, Kyle
13 episodes 2 DVD
Comedy Central 2010

Some 6-year-old is going to receive A Little Box of Butters from Nana and Gampa for Xmas: Muah-ha-ha! This most innocent, charming, cutesy, kid-friendly looking package contains 13 of the most adult and warped South Park episodes on 2 DVD. Somebody at Comedy Central sure has a very, very sick sense of humor to the point of not mentioning South Park anywhere on the package. Kudos for that. A Little Box of Butters also includes a bracelet, pendant, badge, story book, and newspaper clipping.

I would love to be there when Nana plays the first episode. Chances are the grandkids are going to get their inheritance check earlier than expected. Butters follows his dad to an adult theatre and a bathhouse before his mother tries to Susan Smith him by driving the car into a lake. The parents of Jon Benet Ramsey then visit the Stotches to lend their support.

Also included on this South Park DVD set are Professor Chaos where Butters becomes an evil genius. His evil plans fail because The Simpsons Already Did It while Cartman gets some sea monkeys. Butters also gets hooked on Raisins, the South Park Hooters, uses his tap dancing skills, and gets a robot named Awesome-o.

DVD 2 features the episode where Butters becomes Paris Hilton's pet. The scene where her dog offs itself is brilliant but the episode itself quickly wears thin. In Marjorine Butters goes undercover to discover the secret of the paper fortune teller. Butters also goes to a camp that tries to turn gays into straights in a very black comedy South Park episode titled Cartman Sucks.

Other episodes on DVD 2 include Butters becoming a vampire, fighting a superhero, becoming a pimp, reading Catcher in the Rye and ghostwriting a book.

Special Features on A Little Box of Butters is a 25-minute Butters Trivia game on DVD

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