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Foreign Comedy - England - Bomber

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Shayne Taylor, Benjamin Whithrow, Eilleen Nicholas
Written and directed by Paul Cotter
England 2009
Film Movement Canada 2010
85 minutes

Bomber is an odd, even unfortunate for a comedy. It is also oddly appropriate. This comedy drama by director Paul Cotter is a blend of the road movie, quest for redemption, and coming of (old) age. Bomber is not quite like anything you have seen. Cotter tells his story in his own way and that is one of the many things that make this movie so enchanting.

Ross goes to see his parents off on a trip to Germany. Something happens and Ross, Alistar, and Valerie end up travelling across Europe together. Imagine what it would be like to vacation with your elderly parents and you get part of the fun in this movie.

It is not quite clear why Alistar wants to go to Germany for but you can figure part of it out. Three people in a van for a period of time are bound to get on each other's nerves and this is one source of conflict in Bomber.

This comedy is a subtle one where the laughs never come at the expense of people but from the circumstances and developments. The major pay-off is as superb as it is unexpected.

This is a low budget production with three actors and a single camera but Bomber certainly does not feel or look like a low-budget movie. Liner notes reveal writer director Paul Cotter used real people in all the scenes and this, in part, gives this comedy its charm.

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