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Comedy Reviews - CD - Anthony Jeselnik - Shakespeare - Reviewed by Joe Schneider

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Anthony Jeselnik
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Download
Comedy Central Records 2010

Comedy legend George Carlin once said "comedy feeds on surprise; the whole element of comedy deals with surprising the person in the end".   Few comedians today embody that philosophy more than Anthony Jeselnik. This is obvious on his first stand-up comedy MP3 download Shakespeare from Comedy Central Records.

Jeselnik's style of comedy will make many listeners squirm in their seat, but they will find themselves laughing in that discomfort.  Deadpan joke after deadpan joke, he sets up an audience with typical introductions to stories, such as crashing with another car, or miscellaneous stories about his girlfriends, but make a complete 180 to shock the audience to laughing at supposedly inappropriate jokes.  Don't be fooled, his comedy is not pure shock value (that is, jokes with profanity, but no substance).  In fact, Jeselnik is probably the cleverest comedian to hit the comedy scene since Demetri Martin.
It doesn't matter how much stand-up comedy you've listened to in your life, almost every punch line in this comedy MP3 download is completely unpredictable, a quality that comedians used to say made Mitch Hedberg so great.   What helps make his jokes so spectacular is that he varies the length of the joke, so the listener is never ready for the shock.  They're completely caught off guard.  So not only is the material great, but it's clear through his timing and delivery that he knows exactly what he's doing.
Along with his talent, Jeselnik also makes the audience laugh with his jokingly cocky persona, where he boasts himself up with ridiculous over-exaggerations about his own success and talent throughout his set.  Besides being funny, it provides quality breaks between the jokes to give the audiences a rest from his quips.
Anthony Jeselnik already has all the tools and experience to headline across the nation, and his outrageous material can help push the norms of what people considers indecent, which is why Anthony Jeselnik could be the next big thing to happen to American stand-up comedy.

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