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Live Comedy - Scott Faulconbridge - Nice Shoes - Just For Laughs Studio Oct 16 2010

Nice Shoes - Just For Laughs Studio Oct 16 2010
Nice Shoes An Evening of Stand-up with Scott Faulconbridge
Studio Juste Pour Rire
Montreal, October 16th 2010

Scott Faulconbridge is a good comic. The stand-up comedy DVD that may result from the recording of Nice Shoes at Studio Juste Pour Rire last night will not show that. This is unfortunate as Faulconbridge set up everything right including an intimate venue so comic and audience could easily connect, Steve Patterson of CBC The Debaters fame to set up the crowd, and the promise of a nice, long show.

Unfortunately you cannot plan a crowd. If Faulconbridge did set up the people at the show he needs much better friends and to disown his relatives. Very few people at Studio Juste Pour Rire seemed to be aware this was to be a comedy show even if the Just For Laughs name is on the marquee. Patterson did what he could to breathe some life into the corpses in front of him but it was DOA.

This in large part explains why this was not an evening to be remembered. Starting out with a story of the time you bombed in an old folks home was not a brilliant idea. The comic then did his usual material combining observational stand-up with his odd outlook and some biographical stuff.

If you are familiar with Scott Faulconbridge's comedy CD Warn The Others you recognized at least a third of the set. I would like to bet this is because at some point the comic realized this show was not going to make it to DVD and decided not to blow his newer stuff on an undeserving audience.

Yes, he did have nice shoes.

Richard Lanoie

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