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Funny Books - Earth, The Book - A Visitor s Guide to the Human Race

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Click Pic for Amazon Page

Earth, A Visitorís Guide to the Human RaceJon Stewart
Grand Central Publishing 2010

Earth (the book) A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race by The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is the sequel to the very successful and funny America (the book). Earth is fun enough but does not live up to the standards set by its predecessor.

In Earth, A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race Jon Stewart and the other writers present information about the planet and the human race as if it was a high school textbook for planet Zeptor.

The book is divided in nine sections: Earth, Life, Man, The Life Cycle, Society, Comerce, Religion, Science, and Culture. The most biting satire and commentary is in the Life Cycle and Society chapters with Culture a solid contender.

The humor in this Jon Stewart book lies more in the illustrations and captions than in the longer texts. A personal favorite is in the Film section where Zeptorians will learn "Blowing shit up was a hugely popular genre that inspired such subgenres as shooting shit up and punching shit."

If you enjoyed America, the book, you will like Earth, the book. Fewer people will ask to borrow the latter than the former.

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