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TV & sitcom DVDs - John Witherspoon - You Got To Coordinate - The Comedy Network Nov 6 2010

You Got To Coordinate - The Comedy Network Nov 6 2010
You Got To Coordinate
John Witherspoon
The Comedy Network
Saturday November 6th 2010 10 P.M.

John Witherspoon looks like any second banana in a sitcom and an older version of David Alan Grier. He comes across as a seventies style comic. His 2008 stand-up comedy show You Got To Coordinate airs Saturday November 6th 2010 at 10 on the Comedy Network. It will be followed by Brian Regan Standing Up.

Witherspoon is an adult language comedian with rather generic material about Katrina, kids today, kids and education, hip hop fashion, and his lazy son. His observational material is that Costco is big and has big quantities. He has also noticed singers do weird interpretations of the national anthem at all-star games.

The one thing that makes John Witherspoon stand out as a stand-up he is good at physically supporting his material.

He's got a good Mick Jagger bit but really milks it.

After some other, disorganized stuff Witherspoon does a bit on m-f-er and how white folk say it. He also does a bit on the difference between a Black man and a n-ger but it too fails miserably.

I pretty much gave up after that.

This is a show you better skip.

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