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TV & sitcom DVDs - Debra DiGiovanni - Comedy Now!

Comedy Now!
Comedy Now!
Debra DiGiovanni
Fridays 9:30
The Comedy Network

Debra DiGiovanni has a good second Comedy Now! special. The rubenesque stand-up comic does biographical material and, of course, does weight related jokes. I especially liked the one about chubby chaser being an oxymoron.

DiGiovanni is clearly a smart comic so you would think she could do more than fat and being single jokes. Then again, this limitation could be caused by the editing of this particular Comedy Now! episode. For example the show goes for an abrupt change after the second commercial break. It is obvious the comic was talking about the internet but you only get the last couple of lines of that routine before another bit about being single and rotund.

The being single and having a cat bit is weak and not particularly original. The show closes with a roofies and fat joke.

Comedy Now! airs Fridays at 9:30 on The Comedy Network. Check their site for listings and clips.

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