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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dane Cook - I Did My Best - Greatest Hits

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I Did My Best Greatest Hits
Dane Cook
2 Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central 2010

Dane Cook is a very good entry level stand-up comic. His repetition of the set up, the important elements of the joke, and the punchline guarantee the audience will get it. If you are new to stand-up comedy, the fact Dane Cook repeats the set up -a set up is the beginning of the joke- followed by the highlights of the bit, and then the big joke at the end called a punch line, to guarantee you are going to get it and laugh. Dane Cook I Did My Best Greatest Hits is a 2 stand-up comedy CD set of the comics best routines or bits on two compact discs.

All smart ass jabs aside, Dane Cook is a very good comic. You may not like his style but you have to admit he has good and sometimes very original  material and his own personal way of delivering it. Cook does lightweight observational and biographical stand-up anyone can relate to.

This 2 CD Dane Cook Greatest Hits collection opens with the bit about witnessing a car accident. There is also the bit about doing a B&E, breaking and entering, and confusing the target family to no end. The first disc also includes the Kool Aid bit, BK Lounge, and not going to Benson s Animal Farm. That and I Did My Best show Cook can go beyond the superficial when he wants to.

The second CD opens with a very good bit about couples fighting over nothing. The routine about lying a lot is also here. Of course the classic Speak and Spell routine is part of the Greatest Hits. There are also much weaker routines like Someone s... on he Coats. Also very good is Would You Rather on ways to die. It closes with The Atheist, another more perceptive and adult routine.

Dane Cook I Did My Best Greatest Hits closes with 5 bonus tracks or about ten minutes of stuff. There's about ten minutes of bonus material on the last five tracks on the second CD.

Dane Cook I Did My Best Greatest Hits brings together 5 different shows and sounds. Some are from the Madison Square Gardens Rough Around the Edges show and it features very cavernous sound.

If you have a teenager or someone between the ages of thirteen and nineteen and want to get them into stand-up this two CD set will certainly do the trick of initiating someone to comedy.

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