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Articles - Top 10 Comedy CD and DVD 2010

Top 10 Comedy CD and DVD 2010

In no particular order as 2010 has been a very good year, our top 10 stand-up comedy CD or DVD choices. Also the only such list without Hannibal Buress on it.

 Arj Barker LYAO Review

 Matt McCarthy Come Clean  Review

 Dan Gabriel Baby For Sale Review

 Simon King Unfamous Review

 Anthony Jeselnik - Shakespeare Review

 Myq Kaplan - Vegan Mind Meld Review

 Shane Mauss - Jokes to Make My Parents Proud Review

 Keith Alberstadt - It s Pronounced Jenkins Review

 Tom Simmons - Keep Up Review

 Donnel Rawlings - From Ashy to Classy Review

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Richard Lanoie

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