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Comedy Reviews - CD - Louis CK - Hilarious - CD version

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Hilarious CD version
Louis C.K.
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central 2011

This stand-up comedy CD shows why all the comics at the 2010 Just For Laughs made a point of catching the Louis C.K. performance. It also demonstrates why I really can't be bothered with the guy. Louis C.K. Hilarious features well-written, perceptive material almost immediately spoiled by jokes about jerking off, pointless swearing, or a really long shit joke.

Hilarious opens with a good bit on life and death and segues into C.K. now being single. It is when he gets into the dating scene that the wheels come off and he becomes nothing more than just another crude comic.

This is followed by an ordinary routine about being a comic on the road interspersed with more pointless adult humor.

Hilarious does get much better some twenty minutes in with a very interesting bit about money where C.K. blends the Western with the typical villain in a medieval movie and moves on to the state of the economy.

The bit about White people and their artificial problems is really good and almost unspoiled.

Hilarious, the title track about the misuse of language is excellent. It will impress all those of us who enjoy that kind of stand-up routine.

A long routine about kids, other people s and his own, is divided in three parts. It is excellent, perceptive, intelligent, very funny, and all goes to shit at the end.  The closer is okay and would probably sound better if it did not follow the kids bit.

Louis C.K. is a very talented and very good comic who undercuts how good he is by needless scatological humor and blue language that serves no purpose.

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