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Comedy Movies - How To Be A Serial Killer

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How To Be A Serial Killer
Dameon Clarke, Matthew Gray Gubler, Laura Regan
Written and directed by Luke Ricci
Monterey Video 2009

You have to see How To Be a Serial Killer at least once before you die. As dark comedy DVD go this one kills. This is a small budget indie movie with none of the problems associated with the genre. How To Be A Serial Killer is very original, well written, features excellent acting, and solid direction. It even has a positive message, sort of.

This comedy presents itself as a mix of the documentary film, the self-help course infomercial, and a regular movie. This may sound like a mess but it works perfectly.

Dameon Clarke is Mike Wilson. Mike is a very happy and successful serial killer. One night he decides to make video store clerk Bart his apprentice.  As they drive around looking for the next victim Mike shares his tricks of the trade and wisdom with Bart.

Bart, Mike s girlfriend Abigail, and a psychiatrist (George Wyner) are occasionally interviewed. The movie also sometimes cuts to scenes from what seems to be either Mike giving a talk to a group of wannabe serial killers or a chapter on his DVD.

Eventually the wheels fall off Mike s well laid plans. This too makes for some very entertaining scenes. This dark comedy closes with Mike s humanist and feel good message.

How To Be A Serial Kiler is as instructive as it is warped.

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