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Funny Books - Russell Peters - Call Me Russell - Russell Peters Autobiography

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Click pic for Amazon page
Call Me Russell
Russell Peters
Doubleday Canada 2010
225 pages

Russell Peters is a nice guy. I know, I've met him a couple of times. This is also what comes out of his autobiography Call Me Russell. The book pretty much reads like Russell Peters s stand-up comedy: it is easy going, about his family and friends, mostly clean, interesting, and has a bit of a bite. Like the comic's material there is a serious thread here but unlike the comic's material, the book is not funny. It was not meant to be.

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Originally planned as a funny book with comic anecdotes out of Peters stage act Call Me Russell is, like his brother writes in the intro a book about the son of Canadian immigrant parents meeting life s challenges and coming out on top, way out on top.

Peters talks about growing in Toronto and Brampton, being sent to the high school for dumb kids because few knew about ADD at the time, getting the better of bullies, the and road to becoming a comic. This is not told linearly and that helps make the book that much of a better read.

You are not going to learn anything particularly profound or find out anything scandalous in this Russell Peters autobiography. Peters writes about himself and how he became the most international stand-up comic there is. It is evident his family played an important role, after all his brother is his manager, but it is his dad and the values he stood for that make up a lot of who Peters is.

Stand-up comic Russell Peters has not forgotten the people who helped him along the way. The book is written in a way that it this does not become syrupy. Peters also mentions those who got in his way. He does it elegantly so that the mentions are not bitchy but clearly show he has a memory.

Call Me Russell is a good read. Not particularly profound or anything but a good read.

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