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Articles - Cdbaby

We have reviewed a number of independent comics who do business through a cool outfit called Cdbaby. Our experience so far is that the independent comedy cds we get are high quality products. Though not all the independent stand up comics are extraordinary, though some are, they certainly are at least decent. We are not ourselves independent artists but the Cdbaby website and info we were able to get are more than interesting.

Our impression is that through Cdbaby, an independent comedian or independent artist can have a web page featuring his or her cd with sample tracks and a way to sell them. Of course, you are doing business with Cdbaby but we get the feeling this company is not giving you the business. You do not have to have cdbaby record anything though they can help. You send them a few copies, they set up the info and contact you when there is a sale through their site. Sounds fair. This company for independent stand up comics, singers, and just about anything under the sun (it seems cdbaby?s discrimination goes no further than is it a quality product) is an interesting Internet business concept. Sort of a user-friendly amazon for indies.

The sister site to is where the independent artist can get all the information he or she wants before embarking on a deal with the company. We think the site is user friendly and well designed, always a good sign in our books.

The story behind cdbaby seems to be necessity is the mother of invention. One of the owners, Derek Sivers, an independent artist, started marketing his own cd and he told two friends and so on and so on. Now it looks like cdbaby is a safe haven for any serious independent artist who wants to market his or her cd and keep the lion?s share of the profits without selling his or her soul.

The advantage for an independent artist or stand-up comic looking for exposure is the vast catalog cdbaby has. Most consumers will, we think, go back to the cdbaby site from time to time to see what is new and maybe pick up on their suggestions. Comedy cds are a genre where the serious comedy fan is always looking for new voices, new stand-up comedians. The Internet has made people used to trying out a cd before buying it: Cdbaby and its artists understand that and each cd has at least a sample track available.

The Cdbaby homepage has plenty of info for the independent musician, independent comedian who wants to figure it out and a little surfing will get you lots of info.

Richard Lanoie

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