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Foreign Comedy - England - Tamara Drewe Blu-ray

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Click pic for Amazon page

Tamara Drewe Blu-ray
Gemma Aterton, Roger Allam, Bill Camp
Directed by Stephen Frears
Sony Picture Classics 2011
111 minutes

Tamara Drew is one of those odd and charming comedy of manners only the British do well or in this case well enough. If you like offbeat, subtle, character based humor, and witty dialogue this adaptation of a graphic novel adaptation of Thomas Hardy s Far From The Madding Crowd is certainly going to entertain. Tamara Drew is also a rather caustic romantic comedy DVD.

Tamara Drewe grew up in an English village and has come back home to fix up the homestead and sell it off and / or write a book Her former beau Andy works for Beth who with her husband novelist Nicholas runs a writer's retreat where, amongst others, Hardy scholar Glen is spending time trying to write his book about Hardy. In the background is a teen named Jody who is infatuated with drummer Ben Sergeant.

Jody plays in important plot in this domino style comedy as she is the one who starts the big dominoes falling.

The main story takes about half the movie to get started. Impatient viewers might find that trying. However, the characters, the writing, and the subtle humor are enough to keep most interested or intrigued enough to keep watching.

Tamara Drew does not quite work but it is decent enough to be worth a look

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