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Funny Books - George Carlin - The George Carlin Letters

The George Carlin Letters
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The George Carlin Letters
the permanent courtship of Sally Wade
Gallery Books / Simon & Schuster 2011
300 pages

The George Carlin Letters: the permanent courtship of Sally Wade suggests an epistolary book through which fans of America s greatest satirist and comic will be able to learn more about the artist. It sort of is and one sort of does, but not really.  Just looking at the back of the dust jacket or a quick look inside this book shows The George Carlin Letters; the permanent courtship of Sally Wade is a collection of photographs of various notes exchanged between Carlin and his second wife Sally Wade.

Sally Wade has created a picture biography of her almost 10-year relationship with the comic. Unfortunately, the text is sometimes channeled through her dog Spot. In addition, the narrative voice also constantly switches from a first to third person to X- person narrator.

Wade also introduces the fact both she and Carlin believed they were from Jupiter. The reader is not quite sure if this was an inside joke or something they really believed. It comes across as just a cutesy-poo affectation.

As a coffee table book or a neat enough Valentine s Day gift, The George Carlin Letters: the permanent courtship of Sally Wade is not bad. Do not expect to learn anything about the comic himself.

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